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Materials Handling Solutions LLC specializes in the sales and design of Overhead Crane and Material Handling products and systems. We also offer maintenance, service & inspections, as well as quick and easy delivery of all spare crane, conveyor, and hoist parts. We’ve developed relationships with all of the leading manufacturers and vendors of the overhead material handling system and equipment industry, allowing us to provide any name in the industrial hoist and crane industry at the most competitive rates available.

MHS is unique in our vertical approach to the material handling equipment industry. We design, sell, fabricate, assemble, install, and service all types of material handling systems using all of our own employees and our own facilities. By employing all of the people working towards satisfying our customer’s needs we have an undeniable advantage over the fragmented service and project management rampant among our competitors and in the industry.

Our loyal customer base is a testament to our capabilities. We are a leader in the Material Handling industry with over 170 years of industry experience.

Our Clients Include

Material Handling Solutions works year in and year out with such companies as Fluor Corp, Jacobs Engineering, BMW, Caterpillar, Freightliner, GE, KIA, Hyundai, Rheem, Trane, and many more of the leading manufacturers throughout the US and beyond.

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Please don’t hesitate to call or email, we appreciate any opportunities to earn your business.

Illustrations Of Our Material Handling Solutions

Whether it’s the manufacturing of consumer appliances, automobiles, food processing, office equipment, or aircraft systems, MHS-LLC has supplied material handling systems for nearly every industry. Below are a few examples of our designed and implemented custom industrial material handling solutions in use today.

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A Partnership For Solutions

A distinguishing difference separates Materials Handling Solutions in the industry:  Our vertical approach to the material handling equipment industry.  Our sales, engineering, production, and installation teams have over 170 combined years of industrial experience.  Our own employees are a valuable resource of product knowledge.  In addition we fabricate, assemble, and install custom systems produced at our own facility and tailored to your unique requirements.

Your Materials Handling Solutions salesperson will meet with you at your site location to listen to your material handling issue, visually inspect your work area, and learn your objective. This process will reveal the specific needs and challenges presented and allow you the opportunity to enlighten your MHS salesperson to any other relevant variables and conditions.

Our sales staff will draw on a wealth of knowledge from our industry exposure to identify an optimal and durable solution for your environment. Your MHS representative will follow up with you and present an estimated price quote of your proposed system.

Once an order is placed, your MHS salesperson will coordinate with our project management team to layout the system in your facility. Field surveys will identify potential constraints and design factors. The value of our industry experience is reinforced at this time, often utilized to address obstacles unique to the layout of your proposed system. This front end approach ensures MHS focuses on a true design solution to your goals.

Your long term satisfaction of our system’s performance is our goal, not simply the sale of an overhead crane system. Approval drawings will be generated which depict the proposed system integrated in your facility. These drawings also allow you the opportunity to propose changes and provide feedback.

Upon approval your designed system will be manufactured and assembled at MHS’s production facility. Our talented fabricators provide skilled craftsmanship and techniques, specific to your system needs. Quality and reliability are staples of an MHS assembly.

Our materials, mechanical, and electrical components are acquired and utilized with that long view in mind. MHS understands that the products and systems we build and implement reflect powerfully on our reputation and capabilities.

System implementation at MHS is a coordinated effort centered on communicating clearly with you the customer prior to our jointly determined install date. The goal is to minimize our installation’s effect on your production.

MHS will coordinate an install date flexibly scheduled around your production needs. Clear communication eliminates surprises and allows our install crews to focus efficiently. Your new system will perform as promised, job sign off sheets guarantee that our installers do not leave until you are pleased that the system meets your expectations.

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