Custom Hoists

Custom Hoists are modified and designed with some special criteria in mind. There could be location issues specific to the user’s environment or facility layout. Perhaps it is unique conditions or a unique application.

Materials Handling Solutions can tailor a hoist system with these constraints in mind. A grooved drum can be used to improve accuracy, multiple drums utilized to increase strength. We’ve designed a 4 hook hoist for an automobile manufacturer and davit hoist systems to navigate permanent layout obstructions or constrictions. Custom hoists systems have been employed in hazardous environments (fire or explosion risk), outdoor settings (corrosion resistant), and special applications such as a clean room or food safety setting.

Let our knowledgeable team introduce you to customs hoist offerings from Saturn, Chester, and Harrington.

Our Clients Include

We work year in and year out with such companies as Fluor Corp, Jacobs Engineering, BMW, Caterpillar, Freightliner, GE, KIA, Hyundai, Rheem, Trane, and many more.
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