MHS’s Crane Service, Inspections, & Installation Services

What are the Benefits of MHS Crane Inspection Services?

  • Compliance with laws requiring crane inspections
  • Proper inspection and follow up maintenance saves time and money
  • Minor problems can be corrected before they lead to major breakdowns
  • Work can be scheduled at a time that will not interrupt production
  • Efficient parts inventory levels can be determined
  • Modernization plans can be established to improve the productivity, reliability, safety and ergonomics of your cranes.
  • Lower your total cost of crane ownership

Our Clients Include

We work year in and year out with such companies as Fluor Corp, Jacobs Engineering, BMW, Caterpillar, Freightliner, GE, KIA, Hyundai, Rheem, Trane, and many more.

Did you Know U.S. & Canadian Crane Regulations Require?

  • Complete inspections of an overhead crane once every 12 months, and as often as monthly depending on its service class and environment
  • Monthly hook inspections with a certification record.
  • Monthly hoist chain inspections with a certification record.
  • Monthly wire rope inspection with a certification record.
  • Standby cranes to be inspected semiannually.
  • A crane that has been idle 6 months or more shall be given a complete inspection prior to placing into service.
  • A preventive maintenance program based on the crane manufacturer’s recommendations shall be established.

Modernization Inspection Services

Modernization Inspection ServicesOur services include increasing crane load capacity, speeds and replacing existing motor controls with the latest adjustable frequency controls. Modifications can be made to improve duty cycle performance and reduce maintenance. Adaptation for special lifting grabs and magnets can be implemented as well as cab to floor control conversions (push-button, radio and infrared). Modernization also allows customers to implement the latest safety features.

Purchasing a crane is a long term investment and we can help protect that investment to ensure peak efficiency throughout your crane’s long life. Our service department will work with your maintenance team to determine a crane service and hoist maintenance program to fit your specific needs.  We will maintain your crane with regular lubrication, adjustments as needed, and the replacement of worn parts.

Material Handling Systems Installation Services of MHS

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